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Editado en 1998 por Sacramento.

Released in 1998 by Sacramento.


released June 24, 1998

Line-up / Musicians

- César Alcaraz / vocals
- Manuel Mas / synthesizers
- Antonio Valiente / electric, acoustic and spanish guitars
- Víctor Arques / bass
- Gaspar Martínez / drums and percussion

Additional musicians:
- Juan Carlos Aracil / flute
- Carlos Mas / saxophone
- Jesús Braceli / slide guitar
- Pablo Segura / violin
- Belén, Aranza Alemañ / backing vocals


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Numen Alicante, Spain

Numen (1992) is a Spanish prog rock band. His first work, Samsara (1998), was considered a good debut. In 2014, after a hiatus, the band got together and released Numenclature. Nowadays, Numen presents their third album Cyclothymia (2019).

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Track Name: Genesis
Praying mantras on a cloud
An eagle told me: "Fly with me"
What a kind of flight could be!
Searching heaven on a beach
A blue whale told me: "Live with me"
What a kind of life could be!
Shooting stars
We're gonna ride them till the end of time.
We come from nowhere we go to everywhere
And nothing is the thing to be
So make a wish and you'll be everything.
I talked to a frog
Not a prince, just a green and tiny being
I want to know God, he said with a grin.
I saw her head explode
Rainbowed Rays flood my face
Gates are opened up for every man.
Track Name: Lady Time
This morning bluebirds took me down to the valley
I saw an old man in a cloudburst of tears
I came closer his eyes glistened like water
Holding a faded rose he mourned for his life
"Here I'm sitting on a strange stone
with my nose close to a square wall
Hearing tunes from that magical flute
At night when singing birds are blind
I see grey hairs, deep wreckled eyes,
Don't you know she is Lady Time, my friend
Don't you know she wants you to be sad
Graves and craddles, they must be the same
It's a be, a shell, just universe.
Track Name: A walk on Earwigland
Come to me people
Meet me at the roundabout
I return from Earwigs' land
With lots of complaints
Life is not easy there
When you've got to hide away
Dying by insecticide is worse than being squashed
It sounds like earwigs crying
Paying rent and taxes
For an old and dirty carpet
Little earwigs are starving
Won't you stop this crime
Mother worm said to her son:
"We're the next ones in this war"
A Little Class Earwig is something to be
It sounds like earwigs crying
Ooh! Good to see you again
Throughout many years
I've waited to hold your hand
We've been come apart
Voiceless by what they call end
But I woke up this morning
A cloud told me:"Come this way!"
And it led me to a green land
Where shivering trees touched the sky
And the rain which wet my face
It whispered:"Come this way!"
And it took me to a castle
With somewhat of bustle
"The party of life" buzzed a fly
A million of creatures I met there
The kings of the same Reign
Cause I love you
Just join us and we'll be one
Now, join us and we'll be none
Just follow the easy way
Track Name: Unlucky orchid
Orchid felt her life was just wasted time,
Royal pots are not enough for a child
Dreaming of her sweet loved flower
She spent her nights being his wife
God Sun, Lord Tree, bring me a prince
Witch flower, wild wind, make me free
Thinking of a great green park
She flew away near the gate
Too young, too wild, too life, to die
Purple flesh, the dog was there to dress you in red
Fairies cry, why are you in disgrace?
Orchid wasn't happy ever again,
Mutilated for the rest of her days
Thinking of the fastest death
She cut her stem, looking sad
Too young, too wild, too life, to die
Mother Earth, keep her safe in your breast
Take revenge, flowers pray for their day
Track Name: Psychodrama
Hear, what I'm hearing
It sounds like people crying
Feel, what I'm feeling
I'm feeling sad cause I'm lonely
God it's not easy
Take me to your promised land
I'm so dissapointed
I thought I was born in the big time
Pain all around me
And pain is a word I don't want to hear
Christ, please you help me
Take me with your highest guys
Don't cry, my dear, don't cry
Your mummy is here to stay
I'll tell you a fairy tale
Of tiny gnomes till dawn
I'll never leave you alone again
The pain has gone away
Don't say a word sweet child of mine
Good night, my dear, good night
You feel like sleeping now
Just dream of cotton clouds
And castles near the sun
Don't be afraid of anything
You know you must be brave
My pretty, beauty, honey pie
I'm feeling sick about the darkness
I'm hearing footsteps on the corner
Mummy, where are you?
Two shadows are trying to get me
I'm watching devils on the ceiling
Mummy, where are you?
My teddy bear, he wants to kill me
I'm feeling hands all around me
Mummy, where are you?
Mummy, you promised not to leave me alone
You lied to me mother
Oh, you hurt me so
Where are you, mother?
Hear, what I'm hearing
It's me the one who's crying
Hate and confusion
They're two bloody words settled in my mind
I'm so alone now
Won't you share just a bit of tears?
Dad, just a minute
You didn't ask me to be here
Mum, I can't feel you
Where is your overprotective hand?
God, why you left me?
send my shell to a narrow place
Track Name: Running on ice
Slippery trip of untidy rhythmic style
I want to be your breath
I need to find every answers at my sight
I'm gonna lose my trace
Running fast on ice
I climbed high lands and came down the valleys
Searching for Lady Time
But I was not able to draw
What Pandora's box let me know
And I wanna try to remind
Track Name: Only one step from your wings
The sun rises every day
Knocking down the walls that make you weak
Meanwhile the night is locking a door
To the dreams of reality
You will draw a silver bridge to the sky
Thought there's a star for every rhyme
Even a watch that doesn't work
It shows the right time twice a day
Hate and love fit together they told you
And our worlds are so different so far
For the pain in my soul is so deep
And the choice that I want you to make
Is between crime, between crime and poetry
So you better tie up all your links
Cause I'm just one step from your wings
Track Name: Samsara's end
The eternal cycle goes on
Can you hear its beating?
Seasons passing by
Echoes of ancient times
I'll never bathe again
In the same old lake
I'll do nothing at all
Once upon a time, in this high land
Two young boys swore love forever
The sun shone brighter than ever
Sending greetings and blessings to them
"Marry me now" said the lady
You'll become part of God's knowledge
But he was too proud to accept that treat
So he left paradise for a while
He felt anger all around him
And he put a spell on the lady
Nobody found a cure for her
'Cause she couldn't figh against her sweet love
Suffering's gone, pain is over
She got up and started to run
And she found him sitting under a tree
So enlighted she could hardly see
He showed his perpetual change
With a smile that reached to the sky
And he held her tight with his hands
They were one for the rest of their lives
I see you in a river
I see you flying up there
I see you in the ocean
I see you in the wilderness
But it´s so hard to find you
When things are going so wrong
I wish some day I could change
To recognize all your faces
I feel you like the soft rain
I breath you like fresh air
I see you on a child's smile
'Cause you show a million faces
I really want to hold you
I really want to touch you
I really want to see you
'Cause you're my guiding sunlight
I feel you like sweet, soft, gentle rain
I breath you like fresh wind, wind on my lips
I see you on a child's smile
Because you show thousands, millions, infinite faces
Give me life, I want to see your eyes
Give me hope, I want to see your love
I'm heading for a new home
Yes I´m leaving, sure I´m leaving
That´s the way I feel
When I look around and inside me
I beg this is not a dream
And if it is I won't wake up

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